TOMOE is a Franco-Japanese artist born in 2000. His mixed technique is based on original photographs of Japanese women, He then works on his photos to give them this personal style.
After two exhibitions in France and Germany, he offers us a series of plates on art paper.
The artistic approach of this young artist consists in paying homage to the illustrious women of Japan. He says he is influenced by the work of photographer NOBUYOSHI ARAKI, but also street art artists like Dillon Boy, D*face, Hush or shephard fairey.


Tomoe Gozen was a female samurai. She was very beautiful, with her white skin. She was a remarkable archer. As a woman-at-arms, she was worth a thousand warriors, ready to face a demon or a god. She was an outstanding rider. When she was imminent, Yoshinaka would send her as the first captain, equipped with armor, a bow, and a sword. She performs more valuable deeds than anyone. »

She will later become the wife of Minamoto no Yoshinaka. This will make her the captain of his army, which is the highest rank at the time. At this time, we are in the middle of the Genpei war…

this series therefore pays tribute to this Japanese femme fatale

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